Federal Aviation Administration

Harrisburg Intl Tower
511 Airport Drive
Middletown, PA 17057-5038

Issued: 05/31/2024 1605 (UTC) Effective: 07/11/2024 1200 (UTC)
Harrisburg Intl Tower Letter to Airmen: LTA-MDT-13

Subject: Implementation of Harrisburg (MDT) Class C Airspace

Cancellation: 07/11/2026 1200 (UTC)

Effective July 11, 2024 the airspace surrounding Harrisburg International Airport (MDT) will be designated Class C airspace. The existing Harrisburg Class D airspace and the Harrisburg Terminal Radar Service Area (TRSA) will be terminated.

Class C services are designed to keep ATC informed of all aircraft within Class C airspace, not to exclude operations. Aircraft operating in Class C airspace are subject to operating rules and equipment requirements specified in 14 CFR Part 91.

In accordance with 14 CFR Part 91, two-way radio communication, operational transponder, and Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS-B) out are normally required for operations within Class C airspace, but operations without those items can be conducted by Letter of Agreement (LOA) or special arrangement with Harrisburg Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT), the Harrisburg Class C airspace controlling facility.

Class C services include the following:

  1. Sequencing of all aircraft to the primary airport, MDT.
  2. Standard IFR services to IFR aircraft.
  3. Separation, traffic advisories and safety alerts between IFR and VFR aircraft.
  4. Mandatory traffic advisories and safety alerts between VFR aircraft.

Class C services will be provided to all aircraft operating in Harrisburg Class C airspace. Harrisburg Class C airspace is depicted on the New York, Washington, and Detroit Visual Flight Rules (VFR) Sectional Charts and also depicted in Attachment 1. In addition, Class C services will be provided to all participating aircraft operating in the outer area of Harrisburg Class C airspace. The Harrisburg Class C airspace outer area is defined as a 20 nautical mile (NM) radius around the MDT airport reference point (Lat. 40.1931917, Long. -76.7626192) up to 8,000’ Mean Sea Level (MSL). Portions of the Lancaster Class D, Muir Class D and Restricted Area 5802 when active are excluded from the Harrisburg Class C outer area. Harrisburg Class C outer area is depicted in Attachment 1. Class C services will be provided on the radio frequencies listed and depicted on sectional charts and in Attachment 1.

Aircraft in two-way radio communication with CXY ATCT may be procedurally excluded from the requirements and services of Class C airspace when operating in Area A2 depicted in Attachment 1. Aircraft that will penetrate Harrisburg Class C airspace after departing Capital City airport (CXY) will be provided the same service as those aircraft departing MDT. Aircraft departing CXY requesting radar services after departure should advise CXY Ground Control of that request on initial contact, prior to taxiing for departure. For aircraft landing CXY, Class C services are terminated after being instructed to contact CXY ATCT or to change to advisory frequency. Aircraft landing Runway 26 at CXY will receive Class C service, including sequencing to CXY, until within Capital City Class D airspace.

Class C services will be terminated when an aircraft departs the associated outer area, requests termination of service while in the outer area, or is landing at a secondary airport within the outer area. For aircraft landing at secondary airports, Class C services will be terminated at a sufficient distance to allow the pilot to change to the appropriate frequency for traffic and airport information.

To assist in navigation around Harrisburg Class C airspace the following VFR Checkpoints are published on VFR Sectional Charts and depicted in Attachment 1:

Carlisle – 20 NM West of MDT
Halifax – 18 NM Northwest of MDT
Lebanon – 18 NM Northeast of MDT
Columbia – 15.5 NM Southeast of MDT

Additional VFR Checkpoints will be published on VFR sectional charts at a future date to assist in transitioning into and out of Capital City Class D airspace.

Any pilot or organization that has questions about Class C airspace, the program described in this LTA, or would like to request a LOA/special arrangement to be excluded from Class C services may contact Harrisburg ATCT at 717-948-9180.

Trevor Catanese
Air Traffic Manager, Harrisburg Intl Tower