Federal Aviation Administration

Goodyear Tower
1658 So Litchfield Rd
Goodyear, AZ 85338

Issued: 03/27/2024 1943 (UTC) Effective: 04/01/2024 1200 (UTC)
Goodyear Tower Letter to Airmen: LTA-GYR-8

Subject: Voluntary Noise Abatement Measures

Cancellation: 04/01/2026 1200 (UTC)

FAA and the City of Phoenix are sensitive to noise issues affecting communities surrounding GYR.  Noise relief is a shared responsibility.  The following procedures will assist in meeting our mutual goal:

  • Avoid low-level flight over residential areas

  • If feasible keep patters south of I-10 and North of The Estrella Mountain Ranch Community

  • If flight north of I-10 is necessary, remain above 1,000 feet AGL until south of I-10

  • Control tower will limit the number of aircraft in the pattern

  • Fly a tight pattern and keep noise as close to the airport as possible

  • Helicopters should avoid low level flight and residential areas when possible

  • Piston aircraft are encouraged to follow the AOPA Noise Awareness Steps, when possible

  • Turbine/Jet aircraft pilots are encouraged to use the NBAA’s Noise Abatement Program, when possible

  • Airfield guidance signs reminding pilots of these measures will be installed at A-1 and A-10

 The airport operator is continually evaluating procedures and working with stakeholders to mitigate the impact of aircraft noise on surrounding communities.  


Daniel Moss
Air Traffic Manager, Goodyear Tower