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Issued: 07/08/2020 1844 (UTC) Effective: 07/11/2020 0400 (UTC)
FAA New York ARTCC Letter to Airmen: LTA-ZNY-11

Subject: New York Center Boundaries and Frequencies

Cancellation: 07/11/2022 0359 (UTC)

The information provided within this Letter to Airmen, (LTA) assists pilots to select correct VHF/UHF frequencies for Pilot/Controller radio communications when operating under instrument flight rules, (IFR) within New York Center RADAR controlled airspace, (KZNY).

The correct radio frequency will normally be transmitted to pilots operating under IFR upon entering KZNY. In the event a pilot does not receive such information, the pilot should attempt to contact KZNY on the frequency associated with the position and altitude described on the attachments to this LTA. The altitude delineation between KZNY high and low altitude sectors is FL180, except where noted.


Attachment – 1:  New York Center Sector Summary

Attachment – 2:  New York Center High Altitude Domestic Frequency Assignments

Attachment – 3:  New York Center Low Altitude Domestic Frequency Assignments

Attachment – 4:  New York Center North Oceanic RADAR Sectors Frequencies Assignments

Attachment – 5:  New York Center South Oceanic RADAR Sector Frequency Assignments


Eugene T. Cates
Air Traffic Manager, FAA New York ARTCC