Federal Aviation Administration

Anchorage TRACON
5200 W. International Airport Road
Anchorage, AK 99502

Issued: 03/22/2019 1719 (UTC) Effective: 03/24/2019 1200 (UTC)
Anchorage TRACON Letter to Airmen: LTA-A11-3
**** Cancelled on 12/15/2020 1727****

Subject: Wake Turbulence Re-categorization

Cancellation: 03/23/2021 1200 (UTC)

Background: Wake Turbulence Re-categorization (RECAT) is the safe decrease in separation standards between some aircraft types. Following a decade of worldwide collaborative research by experts in wake turbulence, safety and risk analysis; it was concluded that the required separation criteria between certain aircraft could be safely decreased.

RECAT Facilities: Anchorage Terminal Radar Approach Control (A11), Anchorage Airport Traffic Control Tower (ANC) (ATCT) are the only RECAT facilities in A11 airspace. Aircraft receiving services at any of these facilities will be provided RECAT separation in accordance with FAA JO 7110.659.

The Merrill Field and Elmendorf ATCTs in A11 airspace are not classified as RECAT facilities however, A11 still provides RECAT separation to arrivals into these airports. The ATCT at these remaining airports will utilize static departure restrictions to provide A11 with the required RECAT separation.

Two RECAT Safety Alerts for Operators (SAFOs 12007 & 14007) have been issued and are available online at:

RECAT facilities separate all arrivals and departures using the RECAT separation standards located in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Order JO 7110.659. Additional wake turbulence procedures are located in FAA JO 7110.65. These documents are also available online at:

If you have any questions, please contact Clark Wolverton at 907-271-2294 or 271-2711.

Neale Sheneman
Air Traffic Manager, Anchorage TRACON