Federal Aviation Administration

5125 Central Ave.
Fremont, CA 94536

Issued: 08/29/2017 2027 (UTC) Effective: 08/30/2017 1200 (UTC)
FAA Oakland ARTCC Letter to Airmen: LTA-ZOA-3

Subject: Truckee-Tahoe Airport Labor Day Weekend

Cancellation: 09/05/2017 1200 (UTC)

From August 30, 2017 through September 5, 2017 a higher than normal volume of air traffic is expected to arrive and depart Truckee-Tahoe (TRK) Airport.  Pilots may expect the following to occur during this time period at TRK:

  • VFR flight following and advisory services may be limited due to increased traffic volume at TRK
  • No practice approaches will be approved at TRK.
  • Glider and parachuting activities will be ongoing at the airport. 
  • The preferred inbound VFR route for aircraft landing at TRK is via the Squaw Valley VOR. 
  • Delays in excess of 15 minutes for both arrival and departure traffic may be encountered by both IFR and VFR flights. 
  • All pilots should exercise caution and extreme diligence while transiting in, out, or through the TRK Class E airspace.  


Melissa Holmes
Air Traffic Manager, FAA Oakland ARTCC