Federal Aviation Administration

Southern California TRACON
9175 Kearny Villa Road
San Diego, CA 92126

Issued: 03/06/2018 1619 (UTC) Effective: 05/24/2018 1200 (UTC)
Southern California TRACON Letter to Airmen: LTA-SCT-25

Subject: SOLEDAD DEPARTURE, Terminal Area Graphic Notice - VFR to IFR Departure Procedure at Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport

Cancellation: 05/24/2020 1200 (UTC)

Background: The proximity of Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport (KMYF) and MCAS Miramar (KNKX) airports routinely causes departure delays due to separation requirements between the two airports. The SOLEDAD DEPARTURE procedure allows an Instrument Flight rules (IFR) aircraft to depart under Visual Flight rules (VFR) from KMYF and obtain IFR service once clear of KNKX departures.


  1. Weather requirements for the SOLEDAD DEPARTURE are ceiling 3,000’ or greater and visibility 3NM or greater.

  2. Pilots are required to specifically request the procedure by name prior to departure, Montgomery tower will advise aircraft on departure to maintain VFR.

  3. Pilots are expected to maintain VFR until issued a climb above 2,500’ MSL.

  4. Once a climb clearance is received the IFR clearance is activated.

  5. If communications cannot be established with SoCal TRACON pilots are expected to remain in VFR conditions.

  6. If there is any doubt that a pilot can maintain VFR during this entire departure, they should not request it.

Richard M Sullivan
Air Traffic Manager, Southern California TRACON