Federal Aviation Administration

Phoenix TRACON
3500 E. Sky Harbor Blvd.
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Issued: 06/03/2016 2013 (UTC) Effective: 07/07/2016 1200 (UTC)
Phoenix TRACON Letter to Airmen: LTA-P50-18

Subject: VFR Practice Approaches

Cancellation: 07/06/2018 1200 (UTC)

At the location listed below, VFR aircraft executing practice instrument approaches will be provided IFR separation, to the extent possible, as described in the Aeronautical Information Manual, paragraph 4-3-21. Controller responsibility for separation begins at the point where the approach clearance becomes effective. IFR separation for practice instrument approaches will terminate at the Missed Approach Point (MAP).

Pilots are reminded to comply with VFR flight rules as prescribed in the Federal Aviation Regulations with respect to "see and avoid" other traffic (FAR 91.113) and VFR cloud clearance minima (FAR 91.155). VFR aircraft are not automatically authorized to execute the published missed approach procedure. This authorization should be specifically requested by the pilot and approved by the controller. Separation will not be provided unless the missed approach has been approved by ATC.

An aircraft requesting multiple approaches may request "climb out" instructions prior to the Final Approach Fix. Multiple approaches will be provided on a traffic and workload permitting basis. The controller has the prerogative to authorize, withdraw authorization, or refuse practice approaches as necessary based on workload or other conditions. Opposite direction practice approaches will not be approved. At times it may be necessary to suspend practice approaches to ensure that the normal flow of arriving and departing IFR traffic is not disrupted.






Falcon Field

Phoenix Approach


Sallyanne Ray
Air Traffic Manager, Phoenix TRACON